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Philosophy / Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy

We want to be company that thinks and acts centered on people.

By "centered on people," we mean, "We place utmost importance on workplace safety and everyone's health.
We nurture people and we aim to create a society where people grow."

By painstakingly researching, developing, manufacturing, and providing the base materials, products, technology, and surrounding solutions at the foundation, we hope to continue to be a corporation essential to society.

"Society" is our customers, our clients, Hiroshima and Kure, and all corporations, groups, and individuals related to our company.
We want to continue to be a company that all our partners can count on and come to us whenever they're in trouble.

Code of Conduct

In order to achieve these two parts of our Corporate Philosophy, we define our Code of Conduct as one where we flexibly accept the trends of the times as well as trends and changes in the markets or our customers and clients, and one where each and every employee autonomously and independently grasps information, shares it, thinks about things with each other, and connects that to actions.

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