Metaltech Company

We handle diverse needs, from steel castings to machining, plate working, and assembly.

Needs are increasing for even higher quality and faster supply for metal products made by casting and plate working used at the core of Japan's major industries such as automobiles, electricity, and ships.
In order to respond to these needs, the Metaltech Company uses the outstanding technology we've acquired over the years and our intensive quality management to delivery high-quality products that meet our customers' needs.

The Metaltech Company consists of the "Casting Department" which focuses on special steel castings such as carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and stainless steel, the "Machine Department" which handles everything from machining, plate working, and assembly, and the "Marine Department" which manufactures and sells ship-related mooring quick release hooks, chains, and anchors. In each field, we put customers first as we continue our development.

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