Steel Company

Specialized manufacturing and sales for special steel blooms.

The Steel Company specializes in the manufacture and sale of special steel blooms, which have much stricter quality requirements than other iron and steel products. Through our customers around the globe, including major rolling and forging manufacturers, our products are ultimately used in important fields such as industrial machinery, construction machinery, automobiles, and ships.
With an expertise in special steel, such as alloy steel for machinery structures and carbon steel, we make five types of blooms, such as 390 mm x 500 mm rectangles or circles with a diameter of 500 mm.

For the manufacturing process, we use the latest element technology of the direct current electric furnace, then the secondary refining furnace, and finally the bloom continuous casting equipment, and have an annual output of 220,000 tons.
Our competitiveness is characterized first by over 30 years of experience and accumulation in special steel manufacturing technology, as well as an environment where we can obtain good raw materials (steel scrap) at a low cost and in large quantities, due to the neighboring locations of automobile and shipbuilding industries.